Measuring time!! Helmalie Gunathilaka

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measuring time

fifty centimetres
no more and no less
that is what you were
the day you arrived
on a distant winter morn

fifty centimetres
of pure wriggling joy
just the right size
to hold-to soothe
in the crook of an arm
to cuddle- to clasp
close to a heart

but look at you now!
almost my height
‘bend a little Amma..
so that I look tall!’
you whisper as we pose

seems just yesterday
I was rocking you to sleep
seems just this morning
I watched your tottering steps

time flies in moments
that I know for sure
in a swift blurry motion
ten years are gone
but as we stand close
side by side like this
heads almost touching

I realise anew
time flies now
in centimetres too

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